Growing aeroponically

The evidence of the benefits of aeroponic cultivation is unquestionable: it is the most efficient method of cultivation on the market. A better supply of oxygen and nutrients at the root level produces exceptional growth. This first aeroponic vertical system in the world is revolutionizing this technique. Never has the space of the root system been so vast and clean. The vertical position of the sprayers greatly eliminates the sedimentation of the inner walls of the Aerosystem. As a result, it is extremely easy to clean and less conducive to the development of insects, harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Less Lighting

The rotation is the most important detail of the Green Diamond Aerosystem. It significantly reduces the number of lights needed per system, it uses the equivalent of 4 times less lights than a standard horizontal culture system. It makes it possible to use 1 light source for up to 4 sytems. Rotation also eliminates excessive heat that can build up in the plants causing them irreparable damage. The systems easy access for maintenance of the plants compared to static systems with lights inside is incomparable. The Aerosystem has sprayers that nourish plant roots from the middle of the machine at the interval of your choice. It automatically takes care of the rotation and watering.

Less Space

The vertical position of the Aerosystem reduces the space required in a grow room. The 4' Green Diamond Aerosystem can accommodate up to 120 plants in an area of 16 sq.ft. (48 “x 48” ), which maximes production per square foot . Our system is also designed to be connected in series to facilitate the introduction of additional systems.


The Aerosystem is designed to be installed in series, which is why the pump, reservoir, timer and lighting are not included. We recommend using a ½ hp water pump that can provide for up to 6 Aerosystems, a reservoir of minimum 80 liters and a repeat cycle timer.

No Need for Substrates

Each system comes with neoprene discs. A neoprene disc is a collar to support plants grown in aeroponic systems or cuttings in aeroponic propagators. It is a great alternative to the rockwool cubes because rockwool stays soaked and does not allow as much oxygen to the plants roots. They are also non-reusable. The low cost of these discs and the fact that they are reusable make aeroponics very economical. The neoprene disc protects each cutting from light while preventing the growth of algae, thus increasing your harvest.